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About Me

There is no “perfect time” to have a photograph taken. You will never regret having a portrait created but someday you may regret not having those treasured memories to look back on. Family portraits simply tell children who they are and where they come from. Someday, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will look at our albums to learn the origins of their heritage.


Growing up in a small town in Wisconsin my family was always nearby and therefore an extensive part of my life.  Because I was the youngest of four siblings, and often forgotten, full family portraits are rare. After finding the love of my life and moving to Chicago I truly understand the virtue of every photograph taken.  My parents taught me the value of preserving our family’s milestones and growth through Polaroids pictures. Having that value instilled into me is the reason I started taking pictures professionally.


Now living in Elmwood Park, I have been given the opportunity to continually pursue my passion by creating memorable experiences for others. Most days, if not taking and editing images, I'm spending time with my Spouse playing/walking our two adorable fur babies.   


My vision when I established my instant-booking website, in-home studio, and print lab was to create a convenient and comfortable environment for you and your family.  I specialize in being able to provide an entire photographic experience from the concept, capture, and enhancement of the image, to creating a cherished memory that will be passed down through generations.


Utilizing professional equipment, more than that can be named here, to accommodate a home-studio as well as at any location, sets a remarkably high standard of quality that is challenging to rival. Confidence in my experience and ever-evolving photographic knowledge base provides me with the versatility to capture amazing images no matter the surroundings, including Chicago’s unpredictable weather.


Polaroids now being a thing of the past, we are solely responsible for creating our own heirlooms and safeguarding those memories from being lost forever within digital media, like Tron.